CEIT is now accepting Registrations into the Certificate Course in Advanced Web Technology. This course a ideal for anyone interested in Web design and development, or website administration. This qualification has a strong focus on information technology, web programming (Ajax, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript), Database concepts, and management development program. This course demands a command of wide-ranging specialized theoretical and practical skills, involving variable routine and non-routine contexts. Students should already have some basic knowledge and understanding of basic programming and website management.

Semester Dates:Starts 9th August 2021
Ends 12th November 2021
Tutorial Times:4:30pm – 6:30pm every Tuesdays
Number of learning hours:260 hours over 14 weeks
Course MaterialsTextbooks will be provided, learning materials available online via MOODLE
Eligibility QualificationThis course is suitable for IT Professionals and aspiring website developers
Exit Profile:Website developer, Web Administrator
Facilitator:Rex Valoa, MBA, MIS, Dip Advanced Computing
Course Fee:$420.00 NZD

Detailed Overview and Learning Objectives

The CCAWT Curriculum is competency and skill based which ensures students are able to demonstrate their skill in practice in order to effectively achieve the course learning objectives. Assessments are a combination of theory and practical, including classroom discussions, presentations, projects, and written examinations.  This qualification is accredited through the Centre for Development in Advanced Computing (CDAC) under the National Skills Qualification Framework of the National Skills Development Agency, Government of India, and in partnership with India European Union Skills Development

By the end of the course (260 learning hours) students will have developed an understanding, and competency in the following modules.

Sl. No.Module NameHours
1Computer & Programming Concepts        40
2Web Programming I (HTML, CSS, Ajax) 60
3Web Programming II (PHP, JavaScript) 80
4Internet Terminologies 20
5Database Concepts 20
6Project 40

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 Computer & Programming Concepts (40 Hours)

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Uses of Computer, Hardware, Accessories,
  • Interfaces and their functions, Computer hardware connectivity
  • Primary and Secondary storage
  • Input-output devices
  • Software, types of software, Operating Systems
  • Software used in Academic departments and other area.
  • Computer language, Different types of Programming Languages
  • Operating System 
  • Programming concepts
  • Algorithm
  • Flow charts
  • Introduction to loops, functions

Module 2 Web Programming – I (HTML, CSS, Ajax)  (60 Hours)

  • HTML 5.0 programming
  • Overview of Internet and Web Pages
  • Introduction to HTML Tags
  • Introduction to Web Browser / Composer
  • Introduction to HTML Editor
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Id & Class
  • CSS How To
  • CSS Styling
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Summary
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Web services and Ajax
  • Ajax using HTML, CSS

Module 3 Database Concepts  (20 Hours)

  • Database Concepts
  • RDBMS Technologies
  • Codd’s Rules
  • Normalization Techniques
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • Overview of OORD (Oracle)
  • Introduction SQL*Plus
  • DDL, DML and DCL
  • Tables, Indexes and Views

Module 4 Web Programming – II (PHP, Java scripts) (80 Hours)

  • Java Script Introduction
  • JS output
  • JS statement
  • JS Comments
  • JS Variable
  • JS data types
  • JS Switches, loops
  • JS Events
  • JS Built-in Functions
  • JS DOM
  • Introducing to jQuery
  • Bringing pages to life with jQuery
  • JQuery Events
  • Energizing pages with animations and effects
  • DOM with jQuery utility functions
  • Introduction of UI Scripting Framework
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Working with arrays
  • Functions
  • Forms
  • Handling date and Times
  • Making web forms
  • Working with cookies and Sessions
  • Storing information with databases
  • XML
  • Working with files
  • Command line PHP
  • Running Shell command
  • IMAP, POP3 and NNTP
  • Graphics, PDF
  • Sending and receiving mails

Module 5 Internet Terminologies (20 Hours)

  • Creating a windows web services
  • Web services and Ajax
  • Deployments of application on Internet
  • Installation of PHP application/Website in LAN
  • Maintenance of application
  • How to do maintenance work with affecting the other web pages

Module 6 Final Project

Click here for a copy of the CCAWT Qualification File