List of Certificate Courses on offer Semester 1, 2022

CEIT will be offering three Certificate Courses this semester.

Certificate Course in Business Computing (CCBC)
The objective of this course is to provide the students with skills, knowledge and competency in basic programming and advanced Microsoft Office. This qualification has a strong focus on information technology, software development life cycle, database technology, and communication skills. Students will learn how to create an software program for the workplace using VB.Net and C Programming.

Certificate Course in Office Automation (CCOA)
This course introduces students to the basic fundamental computer digital literacy skills needed in the modern workplace. This qualification focuses on computer systems, Windows OS and File Explorer, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Database design with MS Access. Students will gain greater computer confidence, increase office productivity and gain intermediate level proficiency by the end of this course.

Certificate Course in Cyber Forensics and Cyber Laws
Students will learn the basic fundamentals of computer and cyber forensics, including tools and techniques for conducting evidence recovery and Forensics Investigations. Students will learn about Cyber crimes and cyber laws in the Cook Islands context, regional and international contexts. Students will be able to identify common cyber threats, and mitigation strategies to protect an organization. Students will work in groups to conduct research into local cyber threats, issues and challenges, solutions and opportunities. The objective of this course is to provide knowledge and skills to those students who want a career in Cyber Forensics Investigations, and has an interest in Cyber Security.