Policy Library

All CEIT Students and Faculty are governed by the relevant and appropriate policies, procedures, and regulations of The University of the South Pacific.

Policies, Procedures, and Regulations

Tutorial Attendance Policy
Where scheduled, lectures are an integral part of learning and laboratory attendance is mandatory.

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Fee Payment Procedure
This document sets out the principle and guidelines on the procedures for student fees payment

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Student Grievance Policy
The Student Grievance Policy provides the guiding principles for resolving student grievances, an d appealing decisions about grievances.

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Student Grievance Procedures
The Student Grievance Procedures provide the formal mechanism for resolving grievances about matters or issues relating to student experiences with CEIT

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Academic Misconduct
This document details student discipline and misconduct regulations and procedures.

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Learning and Teaching Policy
USP and CEIT are committed to continuously improve the Learning and Teaching programmes delivered in the Cook Islands.

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Student Discipline Committee
The Committee will have responsibilities in relation to student discipline, and encouraging compliance with the Student Code of Conduct.

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Quality of Teaching
QoT ensures alignment between learning outcomes and assessment activities, in order to be sure that graduates attain our graduate attributes.

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