Digital Learning Skills

CEIT will be running a series of online workshops every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks. These workshops, provided by Google, are open to anyone interested in learning how digital tools can help you.

From complete beginners to experts, everyone is welcome to come in and have a go learning these digital tools. Just drop by anytime between 12 to 1:30 pm.

The workshops include:
1. Introduction to Gmail
2. Online Safety: How to identify Scams
3. Discover AI
4. Code a Joke Telling bot.

For more information or to register your interest, message us on Facebook or email:[0]=AZUvED5YrrYpd15v6gcB2jziVSqQM1JdIhrhA5n-ptKIXFPpXmT6tFIWFNQIegGK5ZzsGn9eZ5sPy1TPHn-lByiuiO4reWtOthc75rlokcc1inZ3A-KiPHXACgs436xWcjFioGFp5AUbcu7_354wDo7DlNwQlbOnoaDZd2PsQOtVNbBpBiZtv1mYn8udJlYWUps&tn=EH-R