Scholarships available for 2021!

Six month Scholarships in Advanced Computing, mobile computing, IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security. Admission Notification for 15th Feb 2021 #PG Diploma courses#C-DAC#IT Training.
The last date of registration is 15/02/2021
To find out more about your eligibility for this scholarship please make an appointment with our friendly Faculty advisors

Mr. Jaibheem Gaikwad | Centre Head
Email: Tel: (682) 80729

Scholarships in Advanced Computing, IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security now available for 2021!

A Second intake of scholarships will be available from now until the 15th February 2021 for admissions in February 2021.  Those interested in applying should drop off their CV at USP Cook Islands or contact us on 29427 or email for a detailed information sheet.

Students will study alongside colleagues from Nauru and Fiji. All fees will be provided as part of the scholarship. Due to COVID travel restrictions, this Post Graduate Diploma will be delivered fully online via the CEIT Faculty at USP Cook Islands Campus

1 scholarship for study in the Post Graduate Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security (PG-DITISS)

Pre-requisites – a first degree or equivalent in IT or computing or equivalent, and sound knowledge of the fundamentals of networks, operating system concepts and the basics of Linux command.

The focus of this course is on network security, techniques of detecting attacks, securing a network from internal and external attack and the principles and practices of cryptographic techniques.

1 scholarship for study in the Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (PG-DAC)

Pre-requisites – a first degree in computing or IT or equivalent and sound knowledge of fundamentals of programming, concepts of Linux and C programming

The focus of this course is on emerging trends in advanced computing, the changing face of technology and future requirements of the growing IT industry.

A condition of the scholarship is that successful graduates of the Post Graduates Diploma courses will, on return, be required to work for the Cook Islands Centre for Excellence in Information Technology (CEIT) at USP Cook Islands for 2 years.

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