Updated as of 11 February 2022

COVID-19 Public Health Measures for CEIT Classes on USP Campus

We take your health and safety seriously. Take note of the following protocols endorsed by Te Marae Ora.

Please make an appointment before visiting the Office.

Rarotonga is currently in STAGE 1.

Stage 1 General Health measures for visitors and students (Zero confirmed cases)

Wear a Mask

Tag In with CookSafe+


Stay Home when Sick

1m Physical Distancing


Keeping our campus safe with regular sanitizing
and Online course delivery

Stage 2 Public Health Response (5-10 confirmed cases)

Teaching and Learning continues as normal. Fully Online study an option

Campus Closure
will be determined by
Te Marae Ora

High Risk students (with underlying health conditions) must contact Te Marae Ora

Stage 3 State of Emergency (over 10 confirmed cases)

USP Campus and All Schools
closed until further notice

Teaching, Learning, Examinations will move to FULLY ONLINE MODE

Click on the Authorities website to learn more…